Custom Halloween T-Shirts – Design Your Own Tees

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Happy Halloween! 

Make your own custom rhinestone Halloween t-shirts or customize the designs already in our Showroom.

At checkout, enter the code CTC15HW for 15% off your order – no minimum.  Offer expires 10/31/12.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!  Shop for “Breast Cancer Awareness” tees in our Showroom … Customize them or make your own.

20% Off On All 4th of July Tees!

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Wear your love of country on your sleeve and design your own custom patriotic tees with our showroom designs worthy of a full presidential salute. From bold and brazen beauty to chic and simple sophisticate, choose the style that works best for your own personal style and then work it out on the runway of the everyday.

Don’t see a look that suits your unique style? Head instead to our iDesign workroom and create your own personalized tees that are perfect for fashionably watching those Fourth of July fashionably from a grassy hillside spread. Whether you are a simplistically chic fashionista or a dramatic design diva extraordinaire, from designs dripping in light capturing Swarovski crystals to sophisticated creations with first lady sophisticate appeal, design your own custom patriotic tees to suit the supermodel within.

From fashion forward frocks to diva inspired looks that sparkle like the good old Star Spangled Banner, our custom tees are as diverse as our wonderful nation. So no matter what style is uniquely you, with Custom T Couture you simply can’t go wrong . . . our fashionista inspired designs were made for love of country and fashion!

Custom Father’s Day T Shirts – Design Your Own Tees

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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom

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Mothers Day

Design your own unique Mother’s Day tees and totes at Custom T Couture with printing, rhinestones, appliques and transfers!  Or choose from our Showroom Mother’s Day designs.

Made.By.Jess CTC Review

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When I visited the Custom T Couture Website, I was in AWE. There are so many different way to customize shirts, that I spend all day redesigning mine. I added this and that, and then wanted this and that, and it ended up being too much, so I had to delete some. More…

Custom St. Patrick’s Day T Shirts – Design Your Own Tees

St. Patrick's Day T Shirts

Great post on DenimNYC Bolg

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Design your own custom rhinestone T-shirts on the Web

Do you wish you could make your own clothes but don’t know how to sew?  I made this shirt today.

Discover your inner designer with  Make a couture T-shirt with quality beads, rivets, studs, clip art or upload original photos in their easy-to-use art program, available for free online.  Modify existing designs–there are close to a hundred to choose from–or start from scratch.  View your T-shirt on a model, in different colors–change your mind as often you want and watch the rhinestones twinkle as you go.  Lessons aren’t necessary, just begin. 

First go to  I searched the “Showroom”page on the site first for examples, then decided to make my own with an existing design.

On page 2, I found Indian Print with a Gold Cross for $41.60.  I liked the colors and tie-dye effects in this elaborate print, but there are simpler and less costly T-shirts to choose from.  I let the cursor hover over the picture for a close-up.  The rhinestones sparkled and the texture of the cross’ fabric became more apparent.  Since I was designing my first T-shirt to see what I came up with, price was no object.  I clicked on the image and was taken to a full view of the shirt.  To the left was a list of itemized features.  The rhinestones were Swarovski!  Ooh, exotic materials on my T-shirt?  I was hooked.  Under the shirt I clicked Customize Design.

A size and alignment frame came up around the cross.  I clicked “x” to delete it, and the price went down to $37.60.

I uploaded my picture from my site,, and the price went up to $45.60.  The colors in the photo clashed with the lovely T-shirt’s design, so I changed the photo to black & white.  The image was transparent, which I wasn’t sure how to change, but I decided to keep going and would try to fix it later.  At this point, I had the option of changing the color of the image from a color palette but none of the other colors looked good.  I selected the default.  It looked like a vintage photo, which I liked.  I then enlarged the image and moved it off the center design to a simpler background on the side.

I noticed some twinkling along the scrolls of the central design–beads!  Just for fun, I decided to add bead sprays.  I added a few 1″ sprays at 20 cents each, then some 3″ sprays at 40 cents each.  The rhinestones sprayed randomly in different patterns each time within the specified radius of 1″ or 3″.  Cute–and they twinkled on the screen.

At this point my T-shirt cost $50.40.  I added beads one at a time with the Beads option, an appliqué lace butterfly for $2.00, which I moved off to the top left corner and rotated so that the butterfly looked as if it was flying among the flowers.  My t-shirt cost $50.40.  I liked it and saved it.

How is the price calculated?  Click the button near the calculator and a box comes up: garment style; printing size; type of bead, appliqué or transfer used.

In the top right there’s a button that says, What’s On My Garment?  I had epoxy stones, Swarovski crystals, rhinestuds, a personal photo and a lace butterfly.  Nice!

Custom T Couture belongs to Faraj Inc., a beading company in New Jersey that’s been in the family for three generations.  Faraj manufactures custom embellishments for Calvin Klein, Jessica McClintock, Betsy Johnson, Anna Sui and other designers sold in department stores.  (I wish I had pictures of those clothes.)  I found this company at Texworld, an industry trade show of textile manufacturers happening this week at Javits Center.  Seeing the abundance of pieces that go into clothes is overwhelming.  Fabrics, swaths of trim and buttons on boards–it was Grandma’s sewing box all over again.  If I had to make something, I wouldn’t know where to begin.  With CustomTCouture you’ll be tempted to use all of them.

Posted by Debbie Carter of Muse Literary

Make Your Own Custom Valentine Tee


Promote your business in the new year

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Make your own custom rhinestone tee to promote your business in 2012

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